Volunteers guide

Sessions: Thursdays and Saturdays, 10am to 12pm

If you can’t make it

Please send a message as soon as possible in the volunteer WhatsApp group. This helps us to make other arrangements.

Opening up (9.40am)

  1. Buy milk, biscuits (and tea and coffee if needed) on your way.
    Reimburse the cost from the cash box. The person(s) opening up will need to bring the cash box with them. The Hall won’t allow us to store the cash box there.
  2. Unlock the padlock entering the 4 digit code (ask in admin WhatsApp group) in the top line.
    Remove the padlock and keep it with you or lock it on the main gate. This is to ensure that it is not taken or that you are not locked in by anyone while using the hall.
    If locking the padlock back to the gate, make sure the word ‘Master’ is facing outwards. You need to have the correct 4 numbers code in the top line to close it. Once closed then move around the numbers.
  3. Unlock the main door.
  4. Switch on the lights.
    The light box is to your right as you enter the hallway. Switch on:

    • the top row (these are for toilets)
    • the middle row (the word ‘Hall’ is written above this row)
  5. Make sure access to all fire exits are clear. These are:
    • two in the main hall on either side of the front of the stage
    • the front door
    • the rear fire exit behind the stage
  6. Set up the sign-in table, place the following on a table close to the door:
    • Cash box – ask key-holder to open
    • The sign-in book – write today’s date on a new page
    • Disclaimer forms for new attendees
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Anti-bacterial wipes
  7. Close the baby gate – you roll it across the entrance to the hall.
  8. Set up the tea and coffee area in kitchen. Place cups, spoons, milk, tea, coffee and biscuits on the kitchen counter for self-service. Brew coffee using the machine. Filters are in the cupboard.
    Tea, coffee and biscuits are in the large lunchbox labelled ‘Little Beras’ to store items. This is stored in one of the kitchen cupboards.

During the session (10am-12pm)

Welcome people to the group and ask them to sign in. Make sure buggies are parked to the left and are not blocking any fire exits.

Ask new attendees to sign disclaimer forms.

Make sure people can access tea and coffee.

Keep an eye out where possible for anything that might pose a risk to attendees. E.g. the baby gate remains closed.

Start moving toys and equipment back to the cupboard at around 11.45am.

Closing up (11.45pm-12.10pm)

  1. Store all toys, mats, sign-in desk materials and other equipment. Put the children’s tables and chairs in last. Lock the cupboard.
  2. Tidy the hall and return all chairs to the sides of the hall. Keep all fire exits clear. These are:
    • two in the main hall on either side of the front of the stage
    • the front door
    • the rear fire exit behind the stage
  3. A volunteer must bring the cashbox home with them.
  4. Tidy the kitchen:
    Wash and dry any remaining cups and place into the cupboard. You won’t have time to run the dishwasher and empty it.
    Clean the counters.
    Put Little Beras tea and coffee box back in the cupboard. Anything left out will be thrown away by the cleaner each Monday.
    Make sure any crumbs, etc. are thrown in the bin.
  5. Sweep the hall using brushes stored in the kitchen.
  6. Roll back the baby gate (button on left) and close the internal door into the hall.
  7. Empty any nappies in the toilet bin into the black bin outside.
  8. Turn off all lights:
    Kitchen switches inside the kitchen to your left.
    Lights for the hall are through a panel to the right of the main entrance as you face the door. Make sure the top row and the middle row (labelled ‘Hall’) are turned off. All lights in the panel should be in the ‘off’ position.
  9. Lock up the front door and the padlock of main gate. Make sure to change the sequence of numbers at the top after locking it. The word ‘Master’ should be facing outwards.

Other information

Heating and ventilation:
The heating is controlled remotely. Do not touch the controls. It turns on one hour and a half before the playgroup.

No smoking:
Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Bera Hall.