Group Guidelines


For safety reasons we operate a limit on the number of people in attendance.

Each week a link to a sign-up sheet will be shared in the WhatsApp group. There will be a set number of places available and a waiting list for cancelations.

The first people to sign up using the link will get a place at that week’s session.

Supervise your child at all times

Parents/guardians and carers must look after their own children at all times. This is not a childcare or drop-off service.

Safety is the responsibility of all the adults attending the session.

Entry fee

Attendance is €2 per family. This covers tea/coffee and biscuits and running costs.

Arrival time

You don’t need to arrive at 10am, come along whenever suits you.

Baby gate

Make sure you close the baby gate when entering and leaving the hall.

Helping out

The group is run by volunteer parents. All parents and carers are asked to help in setting up and tidying up. Particularly putting toys away and washing up cups, etc.

COVID-19 measures

Please follow any COVID-19 measures we have in place. These may change over time.

Do not attend if you or your child has any symptoms of COVID-19.

Fire safety

Please do not park buggies near the entrance door as they can create an obstruction.

Make sure there are no chairs or other obstacles stacked beside the fire exits. These are:

  • two in the main hall on either side of the front of the stage
  • the front door 
  • the rear fire exit behind the stage

Do not enter the stage area unless it’s an emergency.

Toilets and nappies

Children must be accompanied to the toilet by the parent/guardians or the adult nominated by the parent/guardians.

There is a nappy changing table in the ladies toilet. Please place wet and dirty nappies in the bin. There is one near the sink in the toilets and another in the kitchen.

Kitchen area and hot drinks

Children are not allowed in the kitchen area. We ask that all adults are extremely careful with hot drinks and do not bring them into the play area.

Please wash and dry your cup after use. Place it in the cupboard.


If you no longer wish to receive communications from Little Beras playgroup, please email with the subject line ‘Unsubscribe’.

Leave the WhatsApp group.

For more information you can contact us at